Eureka Canoe Barrel 65 Liter, Squared Sides #2599816


A simple and inexpensive large volume barrel suitable for food and other gear on any extended trip.

  • Re-used barrel, saves product from landfill.
  • Barrels used to import food products (food ingredients are first placed in heavy guage bags and then into barrels) are thoroughly washed and water tested. Some scrapes and or paint markings may be found.
  • Wide mouth screw on lid, with gasket seal, creates large access and a water tight seal. No loose parts that can get bent or rust.
  • Two hoist handles.
  • Fits Eureka! and other standard Barrel Harness packs
  • Contoured Sides for Easier Transport and Packing!
  • 28.5"x14.5"x13"
  • Colour: Light Blue

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