Eagle Claw Wright & McGill Western Wooly Bugger Fly Assortment, 8 Pieces #WMFAWBUGGER

Wright & McGill flies by Eagle Claw are packaged varieties of top end flies ideal for different game species.

Wooly Bugger

  • Streamer patterns such as the Wooly Bugger can imitate many natural food sources including small baitfish, leeches, crawfish, and other aquatic creatures
  • Streamers can be used effectively in both rivers and lakes
  • In lakes, use a slow sinking fly line and erratic retrieves to entice a strike.  Use the count down method to vary the depth of your presentation and to ensure you can repeat successful presentations at the exact same depth when you have had a strike
  • In rivers, it is often effective to allow the streamer to swing across the current at a 45 degree angle downstream to attract aggressive fish.   Start by making a cast across the the current and close to the bank.  When the fly lands on the water, make 2 or 3 fast strips of the line about 6"-12" each to trigger aggressive strikes.   Let the fly swing out to the middle of the current and repeat the cast a number of times before moving a few feet down river and start the process again


  • 1x #8 Wooly Bugger Black
  • 1x #8 Wooly Bugger Olive
  • 1x #10 Krystal Bugger Brown
  • 1x #8 Krystal Bugger Purple
  • 1x #6 Bead Head Krystal Bugger Black
  • 1x #6 Bead Head Krystal Bugger Olive
  • 1x #8 Bead Head Wooly Bugger Black/Gold Flash
  • 1x #8 Bead Head Wooly Bugger Olive/Gold Flash

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