DPMS Jerry Miculek AR Compensator - 1/2"-28 TPI #BLMIC

Muzzle device by the master.   Designed by Jerry Miculek to mitigate recoil and ensure sustained accuracy during heavy firing.  Reduces muzzle rise and recoil by projecting gas to the side.  Flat belly ensures minimal dust footprint when shooting from a prone position.


  • Designed and used by Jerry Miculek
  • Includes compensator & lock-nut
  • Three large baffles with six side ports and no top vents
  • Designed for standard .223 / 5.56x45 rifles


  • 2" / 5cm Length
  • .925" / 23.5mm Diameter
  • 1/2"-28 TPI (threading)
  • Steel with parkerized finish

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