Daiichi Snelled Baitholder Hooks, Fluoro with Bleeding Bait Finish, Sizes 8 to 4 #D24G

Daiichi Hooks

Snelled hooks ideal for a wide variety of gamefish.  Bleeding Bait finished baitholder hooks encourage strikes by mimicking blood in the water, while the fluorocarbon line camouflages under water and provides excellent low-stretch hook setting opportunities.

Bleeding Bait Finish, Baitholder Premium Fluorocarbon Snells 4CT. Perfect for Walleye and Steelhead.This Fluorocarbon Snell Is Perfect For Clear Water Conditions.


  • High quality baitholder hooks keep artificial & live baits where you want them
  • Bleeding Bait Finish
  • Premium Fluorocarbon Snells
  • Packs of 4

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