Daiichi Salmon Egg Hooks, Bleeding Bait Red, Size 14 to 4 #D06Z

Daiichi Hooks

Daiichi Hooks from Japan are some serious performers, high carbon content, chemically sharpened far beyond the competition, and now in the Bleeding Bait finish to trigger additional strikes when they count.

Salmon Egg Hooks where originally designed for use with drifting eggs for steelhead & salmon however they have become increasingly popular for use with a wide variety of artificial baits.  Fine points & small size ensure strikes from fish who would turn away at larger hooks.

  • Salmon Egg style
  • Up eye
  • Low-profile barb
  • High carbon steel
  • Ultra-sharp point
  • Quantity
    • Size 14 - 2: 10 hooks
    • Size 4: 9 hooks

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