Cobra Archery Bravo Trigger Release in Black, Adjustable #C-4770

Cobra Archery

Fully Adjustable Trigger! "Thin Tip" Calipers!

These are great releases for the beginning bow hunter or the archer on a budget. The dual caliper jaws provide a consistent release for a more accurate shot every time. With a 360 degree rotating head, this release is perfect for right or left hand archers.  Choose between a fully adjustable, forward mounted trigger and a standard peg trigger. The padded wrist strap will provide all day comfort allowing you to concentrate on the hunt and not your release.

Hose assembly Bravo releases include model C-477O and will reduce release torque making you a more accurate and consistent archer.

All-adjust Bravo releases include models C-599O, C-621O, and C-621MGP. The all adjust allows for infinite length adjustment, providing the perfect fit for finger to trigger placement which is critical to be a consistent and accurate archer.


  • Precision machined centered release jaws.
  • Release head rotates 360 degrees to eliminate bow string torque.
  • Padded strap with loop lock fastener.

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