CCI 22LR Stingers, CPHP, 1640 fps, Box of 50 #0050


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CCI's varmint lineup offers several loads in a variety of calibers that utilize unique bullet technologies to deliver what we covet most: devastating performance on varmints, time after time. If you can't find your ideal rimfire varmint load on these pages, it doesn't exist.

The legendary Stinger rounds provide blistering speed and reliability with excellent downrange impact for varmint and target shooting.


  • 1640 feet/sec—the fastest 22 LR with varmint-class accuracy
  • Special 32 grain hollow point bullet with tear-drop cavity for complete disruption
  • Clean-burning propellants keep actions cleaner
  • Sure-fire CCI priming
  • Reusable plastic box with dispenser lid
  • Box of 50 Rounds


  • Caliber: 22 Long Rifle (High Velocity)
  • Bullet Weight: 32 grain
  • Type: Copper Plated Hollow-Point
  • Count: 50 per box
  • Velocity at Muzzle: 1640 fps
  • Velocity / Trajectory at 50 Yards: 1292 fps / +0.7"
  • Velocity / Trajectory at 75 Yards: 1162 fps /  0.0"
  • Velocity / Trajectory at 100 Yards: 1066 fps / -2.3"

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