Caldwell Pic Rail Phone Mount #123906

Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Keep your hands on your hardware with this convenient adaptable phone mount.  Ideal for use with long range shooting where ballistic charts may be referenced, either for sighting in a new firearm or perfecting your shot.

  • Use your smartphone on any Picatinny rail as a camera or to display ballistics calculators
  • Unique, padded adapter allows virtually any smartphone to be used, with or without a case, and in portrait or landscape mode
  • Mount your smartphone for unique action footage or turn it around for third-person perspective shots
  • Detachable mount allows bracket to be removed for carrying or transport
  • Adjustable bracket with screw allows camera angle to be easily adjusted and locked into place
  • Aluminum construction makes this mount extremely durable and easily resists recoil of even large magnums or shotguns

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