Caldwell AR500 Steel Spinner Target #758995

Caldwell Shooting Supplies

Knock steel with your favorite centerfire rifle.  Uncompromising AR-500 Steel Spinner Targets provide dynamic and entertaining targets for higher caliber shooting.


  • 3/8” Through-hardened AR-500 Steel rated up to .308 Winchester at 150 yards
  • Extremely durable cast urethane frame connectors provide a rigid frame yet allow bullets to pass right through
  • Solid steel legs and crossbar provide a rigid frame but can be replaced by ½” re-bar if damaged
  • Target frame is 18” off the ground
  • Swinger target is 10.5” to the center
  • Highly portable for ease of use


  • 4 grounding stakes included
  • If legs are damaged during shooting replace with 1/2” rebar cut to length
  • Impact Ratings For Maximum Expectancy of AR-500 Steel Targets
    • IMPACT VELOCITY: 2,900 fps
    • IMPACT ENERGY: 2,000 ft-lbs.

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