Cadex Defence Lite Competition Chassis for Tikka T3/X Short Action Rifles, Accu-Mag System #STKLCP-TIK-RH-SA


The Lite Competition Series are open top chassis designed to fit all Remington 700 clone actions and few other models. Perfect for custom actions with integrated top rail it feature a mirage mitigation technology fore-end with more bipod placement possibilities. This chassis includes all features required by the most demanding competitive shooters including a folding stock mechanism.

Short Action Chassis Specifications

  • Dimensions: 35.74″ x 2.3″ x 7.16″  /  90.78 x 5.84 x 18.19 cm
  • Dimensions (Folded stock): 26.75″ x 4.6″ x 7.16″  /  67.95 x 11.68 x 18.19 cm
  • Weight: 5.19 lbs  /  2354 grams

Primary Features

  • Skeleton Folding Stock
  • Adjustable Buttpad, Cheek Rest, and Length of Pull
  • Monopod Rail
  • No Top Rail
  • Ruberized Ergo Grip
  • Magazine Sleeve*
  • Aluminum Detachable Base*
  • Tube Bipod Rail
  • 3" Accessory Rail
  • 5" Accessory Rail
  • Bipod/Sling Stud

* Cadex chassis do not include any magazine. Magazines must be ordered separately

Complete Features

  • Folding Butt Stock - Reverse folding butt stock offers bolt handle protection and ultra compact transport.
  • Locking Mechanism - Rattle free locking mechanism. Easy manipulation with gloves.
  • Folding Hinge - Offset cam to remove any free play.
  • Tool-Free Adjustable Butt Pad, Length of Pull, and Cheek Rest
  • Magazine Sleeve - Configured with AICS standard magazine sleeve
  • Aluminum Detachable Base - Removable for trigger maintenance or tuning without need to remove your action and lose your zero.
  • Low Profile Lite Top Rail - 20 MOA low profile full length dual top rail.
  • Small Fore-End Tube - Competition fore-end tube featuring mirage technology.
  • Grip - Finger grooved rubberized Ergo grip.
  • Trigger Guard - Oversized trigger guard and magazine release for easy manipulation with gloves.
  • Roller Bedding Technology - Barreled action sits on 4 rollers to provide a stable platform that reduce barrel vibrations.

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