Blue Force Gear Universal Wire Loop with Push Button Socket, 2.55" #UWL-PB-255-BK

Blue Force Gear

The Universal Wire Loop w/ Push Button Socket combines the unparalled versatility of the Universal Wire Loop with a push button socket milled into the sling loop.  This allows for the attachment of slings with push buttons directly to the UWL.  The patent pending Universal Wire Loop™ allows the attachment of a Vickers Combat Applications Sling™ to almost every weapon regardless of eyelets, loops, slots, rails, or attachment points. The UWL works perfectly on a front eyelet on AK type rifles—as well as SCARs, ACRs, HKs, Sigs or other weapon with small or odd sized eyelets—all while eliminating noisy hooks or fail prone hardware.

Applications & Specifications

  • The push button socket makes it the fastest 2-to-1 Point convertible sling when used in conjunction with Push Button Sling Swivels, such as those found on our site here.  The sling can be converted quickly, quietly, and securely from a two point carry position to single point speed for dynamic situations or for confined spaces.
  • HK, AK, SIG, SCAR, or other eyelets
  • Allows the use of Push Button Sling Swivels or 1.25" sling webbing
  • Belt Size
    • Fits belts up 2" wide (vertical)
    • Fits belts 1.25" belts horizontally
  • Sizing
    • 2.55" wire loop as measures from the base of the sling loop to the top of the loop
    • 1.25" sling loop fits the Vickers Combat Applications Slings™
  • Build
    • Nylon coated aircraft grade stainless steel wire
    • Mil spec ball shank ends crimped to the wire, not the nylon coating
    • 6061 T6 billet aluminum sling slot
  • Weight: 20g
  • As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

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