Blade-Tech Revolution Quad Mag Pouch, Double Stack 9/40 with Tek-Lok #AMMX0073QRDS94BLKAMTL


The Revolution Quad Magazine pouch is a doubled up version of BladeTech's Revolution double mag pouch allowing the user to carry 4 loaded pistol magazines stacked safely and securely on the belt without taking up additional space needed for other gear. It offers quick and easy indexing allowing for faster reloads with the added benefit of added firepower. It has a tension adjustment screw allowing the level of friction to be precisely set to the user’s preference. It is injection molded from our own proprietary super tough polymers making it extremely durable and dependable. It was designed specifically to meet the needs of Law Enforcement, Military personnel as well as competition shooters giving them a compact way to carry multiple magazines when space is limited. It is of ambidextrous design and comes standard with the Tek-Lok™ allowing it to be quickly and easily attached or detached from the belt.

  • Designed for double-stack magazines in 9x19mm and .40S&W
  • Tek-Lok
  • Color: Black

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