Berkley IronSilk Monofiliment, Green, 300 Yards, 6 to 12 lb. Test #IRFSxx22


Berkley® IronSilk is the only super-polymer mono fishing line that features a built-in molecular reinforcing network. This dramatically improves abrasion resistance, durability, and fighting power at a thinner diameter than other abrasion resistant lines!


  • Tough as Iron -- Outlasts other "Tough" lines 2 to 1. Even over zebra mussels and oyster beds
  • Smooth as Silk -- Extremely smooth surface for long and smooth casts
  • Ultra-low memory -- Virtually no coils. Handles great on spinning and casting reels
  • Sensitivity with Shock Strength -- A breakthrough combination of properties

Common Specifications

  • Colour: Green
  • Length: 300 Yards


  • 6:     6lb Test, 0.010"/0.25mm Diameter
  • 8:     8lb Test, 0.011"/0.27mm Diameter
  • 10: 10lb Test, 0.012"/0.30mm Diameter
  • 12: 12lb Test, 0.013"/0.33mm Diameter

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