Berkley Gulp! Goby, 4", Pack of 8 #GGO4

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Berkley® Freshwater Gulp!® is the next generation in soft bait. It's biodegradable and made of natural ingredients. It has 400 times more scent dispersion than ordinatory plastic bait. The extreme scent dispersion expands the strike zone allowing you to CATCH MORE FISH - triggering fish to feed. But what anglers really love about Berkley® Freshwater Gulp!® is it outfishes live bait in head-to-head field tests.

With the introduction of the round goby into the Great Lakes watershed there has been an incredible change in feeding habits for pike, walleye, muskie, and bass wherever they are found.  Slow moving and a nice meal they have become a favorite food for these species and encouraged their numbers to increase.

Take advantage of this ship with Berkley Gulp! Goby baits in 4" size.


  • Mimics hottest new forage for bass
  • Ideal for dropshot, jigging and all rigging options
  • Resealable package to keep juice intact
  • Biodegradable bait is environmentally safe


  • GPCF - Green Pumpkin with Black and Copper Flecks
  • GRPP - Green Pumpkin
  • SMLT - Smelt

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