Berkley Flicker Minnows, 1-7/8" 3/16 oz. #FFMN5D


Berkley Flicker Minnows are pro designed and tournament proven. Using the same strict development standards from Flicker Shad, we created a line of minnow baits that dive deep with maximum flash and tail action. The Flicker Minnow body design, in combination with its impressive dive curve, get you to the fish quickly. The field test results are in - and the result?  These baits flat out Catch More Fish!

Every Flicker Minno is individually tank tested to run true.  Berkley crank baits created a rolling "Flicker" action that imitates fleeing baitfish.  You'll love the aggressive feel when trolling or cranking a Flicker Minnow.


  • Pro designed to create the ultimate minnow style trolling lure
  • Size, profile, and dive depth imitate a minnow
  • Mustad Ultra Point Hooks
  • Size 8 Hooks x2
  • 1-78" / 5cm Length
  • 3/16 oz. Weight
  • Swim Depth of 12'-14' / 3.5m-4.5m


  • FLGC - Flashy Green Crush - #1407913
  • FLGH - Flashy Ghost - #1407915
  • FLPR - Flashy Perch - #1407918
  • FLPRL - Flashy Pearl - #1407916

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