Berkley FireLine Fused Original, Smoke Colour, 125 Yard Spools #BFLS

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FireLine=Superline! The term "SuperLine was introduced in 1996 - and it has remained the world's true SuperLine ever since! Not a conventional braid and not a mono - Thermally Fused FireLine changed fishing forever. Now we are re-launching the Next Generation of FireLine! Smoother and tougher than ever with the same powerful strength, smooth handling and fast-casting you know and love!

  • Improved colorfastness - especially on hi-vis colors
  • Long and fast casting - no memory and smooth finish
  • Superb Sensitivity - Instant feel for structure and strikes
  • Thin diameter - incredible lure action and low visibility
  • Exceptional strength and toughness - Microfused Dyneema® fibers are 3 to 4 times stronger than mono
  • Ultra-low-vis Smoke Colour


  •  8lbs/3.6kg, 0.007in / 0.17mm
  • 10lbs/4.5kg, 0.008in / 0.20mm
  • 14lbs/6.3kg, 0.009in / 0.22mm
  • 30lbs/13.6kg, 0.015in / 0.38mm

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