Beretta Optima Choke Plus Extended for AL391 Shotguns, 12 Gauge #JCOPE


Optimachoke Plus are the latest news in terms of chokes and the best in term of performance, resistance and reliability. Thanks to an elongated cone, Optimachoke Plus guaranties an excellent shot pattern. The new shape improves resistance to the pressure and speed created by 3.5" cartridges with steel shot.  The special heat treatment assures a high level of durability.


  • Designed for Beretta AL391 shotguns with Optima Bore Full choke system in 12 gauge
  • Extended for easy changes
  • Heat treated for extra durability
  • Compatible with Benelli SBE 3


  • Modified - JCOEPE15 - #C61649 - M ***
  • Skeet - JCOPE17 - #C61654 - SK USA

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