Beretta 692 International Trap 12 Gauge, 30" Barrel, 2 3/4" Chamber, Fixed F/IM Choke #J692T10



The new Beretta 692 shotgun is the successful mix of tradition and technology, to provide better ballistics and ergonomics, together with the elegant design that makes this shotgun absolutely outstanding.

The new look is outstanding combining the traditional design of the Beretta over and unders with cutting-edge technological solutions. The receiver design is elegant and technical, with a shiny-polished profile on side panels and bottom. Black-gold details finely enrich the overall look of the shotgun, giving to the 692 a unique look.

The 692 International Trap model is a competition ready trap gun, with fixed Full and Improved Modified chokes and a 30" barrel.


  • Steelium Plus Barrels
    Every customer purchasing a Steelium barrel has always been sure to get the best barrel ever made by Beretta. Inspired to the Steelium Pro barrel and thanks to a conical profile 5.5 times longer than the previous models, the new Steelium Plus barrels give outstanding pattern quality and precision, improved recoil reduction and low muzzle raise.
    Every Beretta barrel has a 3-part internal geometry: cylindric (chamber), conical and again cylindric. The length of the conical part has a strong impact on the performance of the barrel. At the beginning of the Steelium era, all the competition barrels had a similar profile (conical part 65 mm on a 76 cm barrel). With the development of the new Beretta 692, Steelium Plus defined a new standard for the competition barrels, lengthening the conical part to 360 mm (76 cm barrel).
  • Steel Performance
    The special Optima-Bore HP geometry was conceived to offer the best performance, even with steel shot. The shot pattern remains perfect and uniform in every type of hunt, complemented by the use of the optima-choke hp Choke tubes.
  • Wider Receiver
    A competition over and under should have as much weight as possible in the receiver area, to provide higher stability before and after each shot. The new 692 features a 1,3 mm wider receiver (with respect to the previous models); thus allowing better handling and control. The width of the receiver can significantly improve stability and ease of handling.
  • Micro-Core Recoil Pad
    Thanks to the open cell technopolymer, softer, lighter and more slippery than rubber, Micro-Core expands gradually and instantly, increasing its surface area on the shoulder and giving the shotgun secure and precise support.


  • Caliber: 12 gauge
  • Barrel Length: 30"
  • Chamber Size: 2 3/4"
  • Chokes: Fixed Full & Improved Modified
  • Wood Finish: Hand Rubbed Oil
  • Stock/Fore-end: Select Walnut
  • Stock Drop – Comb: 1 1/2"
  • Stock Drop – Heel: 2.36"
  • Butt Plate: Microcore
  • Safety: Manual
  • Trigger: Single Selective (Adjustable)
  • Fore-end: Schnabel
  • Rib Type: 10x10
  • Barrel: Steelium Plus

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