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12 Gauge - Winchester Super-Target, #8, 2-3/4", 1 oz., Case of 250 #TRGTL128 - Case

Winchester Repeating Arms

Ammunition Shipping Restrictions

Ammunition can be shipped but restrictions apply
Due to weight and dimensions of Shotshell Cases of Clay Target Ammunition, general shipping is not available.
Drop shipping is available for special orders over 150 cases (1500 boxes)

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Winchester Super-Target is a consistant and inexpensive target load suitable for high volume shooting.


  • Consistent Patterns
  • Hinged Wad for Reduced Felt-Recoil and Increased Velocity
  • Consistent Clean Burning Powder and Primer


  • Caliber: 12 gauge
  • Shell: 2-3/4"
  • Shot Size: #8
  • Shot Volume: 1 oz.
  • Speed: 1180fps
  • Case of 250 Shells

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