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Winchester 30-30 WIN Super X Klondike Commemorative, Silvertip 170 Grain Box of 20 #3030KGR

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We have a limited stock of the collectible Klondike Commemorative Winchester 30-30 ammunition.  This ammunition celebrates the famous Chilkoot Pass, the the most popular route for Klondike despite the constant hazards.  In harsh weather and harsh company the 30-30 Winchester could be trusted to keep your belly full.

Winchester released a special limited run of this ammunition along with the Klondike Gold Rush Commemorative Carbine and it is no longer in production, once sold there will be no further boxes received.

The box consists of a striking gold foil package, with 20 Silvertip 170-grain cartridges.  The artwork depicts a prospector panning for gold in the traditional style and method of the day.

Features & Specifications

  • Condition is fair to good, most boxes are sealed but the glue on most of the seals has begun to fail (see photo)
  • Made in Cobourg Ontario, Canada
  • Limited Production, Collectible
  • Cartridge: 30-30 Winchester
  • Bullet Type: Silvertip
  • Grain: 170
  • Volume: 20 Rounds per Box

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