Limited Run
Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Black Lotus Edition Non-Restricted 9mm Carbine with Presentation Case


This limited edition Black Lotus SUB2000 Pistol Caliber Carbine includes an attractive presentation box, purple Cerekote rifle, and a Glock factory 10-round magazine, all for a great price while stock remains!

The SUB-2000 is a self-loading carbine for pistol cartridges. Different versions of the SUB-2000 will accept most modern handgun magazines; see below for a complete list. The SUB-2000 has a greatly enhanced accuracy and extended range compared to a handgun. The superior precision is also very useful against small or partially covered targets at shorter range. The amount of training to master the SUB2K is only a fraction of that required for a handgun. The SUB RIFLE-2000 has been developed from our highly successful SUB-9 rifle. Although retaining some features of the old rifle, the SUB-2000 is a completely new design. Emphasis has been put on consumer safety, but without impeding the performance. Polymers are used to a large extent, resulting in increased durability and reduced price.


  • Limited Run Black Lotus Purple Cerekote
  • Glock Magazine Compatible (Includes 1x Standard Glock OEM 9mm 10-Round Magazine)
  • Folding Configuration Ideal for Trips to the Range or Back Country
  • Includes Limited Run Black Lotus Presentation Box
  • Vault Distribution Exclusive

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