Archangel Detachable 10-Round Magazine for the Mosin Nagant AA9130 Stock #AA762R02


The AA762R 02 is a proprietary 10-rd detachable magazine for the AA9130 Archangel OPFOR Series Precision Rifle Stock - suitable for most Mosin-Nagant rifles, both hex and round receiver, the Soviet M-38/M-44/ Chinese T-53 carbines, and Finnish M-39 rifles and carbines. The magazine body is molded from a proprietary carbon-fiber filled black polymer, and utilizes a proprietary feeding system. The magazine has a molded polymer follower for ease of feeding, and a heat-treated Chrome-silicon wire spring ensuring reliable feeding and function.


  • Polycarbonate construction, all-weather resistance
  • 10-round capacity
  • Compatible with Mosin Nagant rifles mounted in the Archangel AA9130 series aftermarket stock

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