Aimpoint Micro T-2 Red Dot, 2 MOA with 50,000 Hour Runtime #200170


The Aimpoint Micro T2 redefines everything you thought you knew about compact red dot sights. Cutting edge lens coatings radically improve the shape and clarity of the 2 MOA red dot and physical protection has been added for even more ruggedness.

We listened to feedback coming from hard-core customers desiring an even more hard core Micro sight. With a redesigned and reinforced house body, as well as flip-up covers protecting the lenses, the Aimpoint Micro T-2 can withstand all types of environmental conditions.

At the same time, we decided to improve upon the optical performance of the sight which results in a new lens and an important breakthrough in reflective lens coatings. This makes the Micro T-2 and the 3XMag magnifier a fantastic optical combination.


  • 2-MOA Dot
  • Advanced optical lenses for even better light transmission
  • Front Flip-up lens cover is included
  • Transparent rear Flip-up lens cover is included
  • Reinforced protection of the turrets for even greater ruggedness
  • Ideal for rifles, carbines, shotguns, submachine guns, and handguns
  • Weight 3.7 oz. (105g) including mount, sight only 3.0 oz. (84g)
  • 1X (non-magnifying) parallax free optic
  • Compatible will all generations of Night Vision Devices (NVD)
  • 1 Off position, 4 night vision compatible settings and 8 daylight settings – one extra bright for use with laser protection glasses or in bright desert sunlight
  • Integral Picatinny-style base allows easy attachment to any rail
  • ACET technology allows 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of constant operation with one battery
  • Hard anodized non-reflective finish
  • Submersible to 80 feet (25 meters)


  • Dot: 2 MOA
  • Dot Intensity: Visible against backdrops 0.1 to 55,000 Luminance
  • NVD Compatible: Yes
  • Coatings: Anti-Reflex, All Surfaces and Multi-Layer.  NVD Compatible 1, 2, 3
  • Eye Relief: Unlimited
  • Power Source: 3V Lithium CR2032.  Lasts 5 years (50k hours) of continuous use at position 8 and over 10 months at position 10.
  • Settings: 4 NVD and 8 Daylight
  • Dimensions: 79mm x 41mm x 47mm
  • Weigth: 130g with Lens Covers & Mount
  • Mount, Spacer, and Housing Material: Hard Anodized High Strength Aluminum with matte black finish
  • Adjustments: Range ±1 m at 100 meters (±1 yds at 100 yds) in windage and elevation, 1 click = 13 mm at 100 meters = 10 mm at 80 meters = 0.44 in at 100 yds
  • Operating Temperature: -45°C to 71°C (-49°F to 160°F)
  • Storage Temperature: -51°C to 71°C (-60°F to 160°F)
  • Temperature Shock: Operable after a temperature shock between -45°C and +71°C. Duration: 4h of Hot +71°C, 4h of Cold -45°C. Cycling: 3 times
  • Humidity: Operates despite humidity. Limits: RH: 95%, Temp: 20ºC to 50 ºC, cyclic
  • Submersible: To a depth of 25m (83 ft.)
  • Shock: The unit is operable before and after shock. Limits: X-axis: 500 g, 0.7 – 1.1 ms (3 shocks), Y-axis: 40g ±4g, 11 ±1ms (2 shocks in each direction, Z-axis: 40g ±4g, 11 ±1ms, 2 shocks in each direction. Functional during exposure (room temperature)
  • Keyed surface mount: Integrated
  • SKU: 200170

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