12 Gauge - Remington Hypersonic Steel, 3" 1-1/4 oz. Box of 25 #HSS12M1

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Most ducks are missed from behind, but the unprecedented velocity of Remington HyperSonic Steel® compensates for this by reducing required lead by 8” at 40 yards (about a full body length) on a duck flying at average speed. It puts more steel shot in the head and neck for quicker kills and fewer misses – without changing the way you shoot. With the highest velocity and downrange pattern energies ever achieved, HyperSonic Steel takes lethality to new heights, to a level of terminal performance where more birds drop with fewer shots – at the farthest reaches of your abilities. And only Remington harnessed the wad technology to do it.


  • NEW HOTTER PRIMER - Ignites small powder charge in chamber, moving entire payload forward slightly to control pressure.
  • IGNITION CHAMBER - Produces higher velocities with safe pressures and full payloads.
  • XELERATOR WAD STRESS CONCENTRATOR - Initiates petal splitting, which holds patterns tighter downrange.
  • PRIMARY POWDER CHARGE - Ignites, accelerating the payload to speeds up to 1700 FPS.


  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Shot Volume: 1-1/4 oz.
  • Shot Size: #1
  • Type: Steel Shot
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1700 fps
  • Volume: Box of 25 Shells

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