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Benelli Super Vinci 3-1/2'' 12-Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun MAX5 #A0510400


The 3-1/2 inch, 12-gauge Vinci shotgun beats all other semi-automatic shotguns with its reliability and lightning-fast performance. Its innovative design raises the standard for firearms technology.

  • In-Line Inertia Driven system
  • ComforTech Plus recoil reduction system
  • Reliably shoots cartridges up to 3-inch magnum loads
  • 3-piece modular design for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Crio barrel and choke tubes
  • Includes 3x Flush Fit Crio Chokes, Full, Modified, Improved Cylinder
  • Realtree Max-5 Camo Pattern

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