The Not-So-Obvious Advice For Surviving in the Wilderness

March 13, 2017

“Come hunt with us, it would be fun!” they said. This was four days ago, and the other members of the crew are probably snug in their beds while you’re scraping together bugs for dinner. You’ve got your camp set up and you have a fire going. You’re following all the advice you’ve ever received before a trip, but you’re finding it hard not to listen to the voices in your head. In fact, much of the survival process takes place in your mind.

Don’t Underestimate Shallow Water

There are two major concerns when survivors cross shallow water, the first is that they’ll underestimate the current and get swept away. The other is shallow water blackout, which often takes place when swimmers take a large gulp of air before going under water. This is because the hyperventilation causes a decrease in the oxygen and CO2 levels in the bloodstream, which means the body is unable to tell the brain that it needs air.

Keep Those Emotions in Check

It’s easy to become despondent when things are on the dreary side. This may cause you to lose focus and lose track of the important steps to ensure survival. A way to keep up the good cheer is to get a fire roaring. Not only does it provide heat, it also creates a sense of security. It also adds another chance of discovery by other hikers or a rescue party.

Use Some Of Those Self-Sufficient Skills

If there is no way of knowing how long you will find yourself out in the wild, you may want to look at your surrounds as a more permanent location. This would mean harnessing some additional skills that include gardening, repurposing, and cooking. Finding  the right location for a sturdy shelter should also feature on this list.

Steer Clear of Disease Carriers

Hunters and their dogs often find themselves on the wrong side of the hunting stick when they don’t take care in the hunt as they expose themselves to disease. Some of the diseases that are fairly common include rabies, salmonellosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more. Survivors who find themselves desperate for food or water often find themselves in this predicament. These diseases are spread through infected animals, insects, contaminated soil, and water.


Jess Walter,

Freelance Writer

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