Al Flaherty's Now Shipping Rimfire or Centerfire Pistol & Rifle Ammunition!

February 19, 2016 1 Comment

Al Flaherty's Now Shipping Rimfire or Centerfire Pistol & Rifle Ammunition!

You may have noticed that the "(Store Pickup Only!)" labels on our rimfire as well as centerfire pistol & rifle ammunition have disappeared!  As of this week Al Flaherty's has begun accepting mail orders through our website for ammo!

In order to do so we have to stick to some specific guidelines outlined on our Ammunition Shipping Policies page, but as of now we can ship ammunition all over Canada!  Because of the weight, dimensions, and value of these products, we are forced to limit shipments to a maximum volume to limit shipping costs.  

We at Al Flaherty's hope that as time goes by we will be able to relax these volume restrictions in order to help shooters all over Canada fill their magazines!

The General Shipping Guidelines

  • Ammo will be shipped via our UPS account with tracking & an 18+ signature on arrival
  • Ammo must be shipped to a physical address, no post office boxes or equivalents
  • Per Ontario provincial laws we are required to log ammunition sales, for this we need your PAL & Date of Birth which can be entered on the individual ammunition pages
  • Ammo sales are final, no refunds or exchanges
  • If the address requested for shipping is not associated with the PAL we will need to verify the details before shipping
  • Ammunition orders can not be shipped with firearms and must be ordered separately
  • No international shipments, regrettably we can not ship to the USA
Order Volume Limitations

  • Maximum volume of a given ammo type available for a single order shipment is provided on each ammunition entry on our website*
  • Orders of mixed items of any given caliber may not exceed 10 boxes total regardless of type
  • Centerfire Rifle Hunting Ammunition: 200 Rounds per Order
  • Centerfire Rifle Hunting/Premium-Target Ammunition: 200 Rounds per order
  • Centerfire Rifle Bulk Target Ammunition: Maximum 500 Rounds per order
  • Centerfire Handgun Target Ammunition: Maximum 1000 Rounds per order
  • Centerfire Handgun Expanding Ammunition: Maximum 1000 Rounds per order
  • Rimfire Ammunition: 1000 Rounds per Shipment

*you may find exceptions such as the Winchester 555 value packs, where we will ship 1110 rounds (2 boxes) instead of limiting order volume to less than 1000 rounds (1 box)

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March 10, 2016

Thank you to the staff: From Calgary
, I was looking for a new Magazine for my Benelli R1 that I just bought in Calgary.
The dealer where I bought it would not order a spare magazine,or the Winchester 270 WSM 140 Accubond ammunition for me
.Finding Al Flaherty’s on the net was a blessing for me.
Two phone calls later, and both times talking with PEOPLE WHO CARED AND LISTENED1
. Not only did they get me a magazine they also got me the Winchester ammo that I wanted.
Thank you to SAM and the team.
i have told Family and Friends to go to your website and to call.

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