April 21, 2017


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Cooking on a Campfire - Courtesy of

Courtesy of our friends at (A supplier for small parts for Abu Garcia & Penn fishing gear, as well as Pflueger, Shakespeare and a ton of other parts for all kinds of equipment!
Looking for gear to help with your next campfire cooking adventure?  We've got grilling basket's from Coghlan's, dutch oven's, fillet knives & accessories, and other camp cooking equipment!


Holiday Hours - Easter 2017

We will be closed for the Easter Holiday this Friday April 14th & Sunday April 16th, but will be operating on our standard hours for Saturday April 15th (9am - 6pm EST) and Monday April 17th (9am - 7pm EST).

We hope you all enjoy the weekend!

Our Top 2 Firearms for Outdoor Sports

With warmer weather on its way, the longer days and more comfortable temperatures will allow for many outdoor sportsmen to fully delve into their hobby. At Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store, we sell a variety of hunting, shooting, camping, and backwoods gear that is sure to provide the quality and performance you’re looking for. We pride ourselves in our extensive selection of firearms for sale in Canada and will gladly help you find the perfect rifle, shotgun, or handgun for your needs. Please note that we do not ship firearms and ammunition to our customers in the United States. Below is a list of our top 3 firearms, available right here at

  1. Beretta 690 Competition Shotgun – Beretta’s best competition shotgun, now in a black and more technical model. This sleek new model is constructed from specifically selected walnut wood for a smooth feel and perfect weight for competition over and unders. The steelium barrels provide unrivaled safety and are finished with a matte, anti-glare coating for better shooting accuracy.
  2. Smith & Wesson 686 Handgun – This .357 Magnum caliber handgun from Smith & Wesson is designed with the most extreme firearms enthusiasts in mind. A favorite among police officers and hunters alike, this handgun is equipped to handle heavy use. Available at a discounted price through, this firearm is sure to please both new and seasoned enthusiasts.
March 27, 2017


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REBATE! - Winchester 2017 Shoot & $ave on Centerfire Pistol Ammo!

Looking to get more bang for your buck?
For a limited time get up to $50.00 back for qualifying Winchester pistol ammunition!
March 19th to May 31st 2017!
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The Best Shotgun Accessories Available at Al Flaherty’s

When you’re getting ready to go out on a hunting or shooting excursion, it’s important to make sure your shotgun is in top condition for success. At Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store, we offer a variety of shotgun accessories that are perfect for hunting, shooting, and survival. Below is a list of our top 4 favorite shotgun accessories, all available online or in store.

  • Bushnell Trophy Shotgun Slug Scope – This Bushnell shotgun scope is a versatile scope that is perfect for hunting big game. It’s 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof and provides 91% light transmission. The fast-focus eyepiece allows you to quickly spot and center your target with precision.
  • Allen Shell Belt – A waterproof and camouflaged shell belt is the perfect way to carry all of your extra ammo. This Allen belt holds up to 25 shells and is constructed of a waterproof neoprene to keep your ammo safe and concealed while out in the open.
  • Allen Canvas Hull Bag – The Allen over & under Hull Bag is another perfect way to store your shotgun shells. With the ability to hold an entire box, this hull bag attaches to your belt or waistband with just a few sturdy clips.
  • Beretta Mesh Shooting Gloves – These gloves from Beretta will help keep your hands warm and safe while out in the wilderness. The reinforced thumb and index finger provides extra protection while still allowing you to shoot with precision.
March 13, 2017


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The Not-So-Obvious Advice For Surviving in the Wilderness

“Come hunt with us, it would be fun!” they said. This was four days ago, and the other members of the crew are probably snug in their beds while you’re scraping together bugs for dinner. You’ve got your camp set up and you have a fire going. You’re following all the advice you’ve ever received before a trip, but you’re finding it hard not to listen to the voices in your head. In fact, much of the survival process takes place in your mind.

Don’t Underestimate Shallow Water

There are two major concerns when survivors cross shallow water, the first is that they’ll underestimate the current and get swept away. The other is shallow water blackout, which often takes place when swimmers take a large gulp of air before going under water. This is because the hyperventilation causes a decrease in the oxygen and CO2 levels in the bloodstream, which means the body is unable to tell the brain that it needs air.

Keep Those Emotions in Check

It’s easy to become despondent when things are on the dreary side. This may cause you to lose focus and lose track of the important steps to ensure survival. A way to keep up the good cheer is to get a fire roaring. Not only does it provide heat, it also creates a sense of security. It also adds another chance of discovery by other hikers or a rescue party.

Use Some Of Those Self-Sufficient Skills

If there is no way of knowing how long you will find yourself out in the wild, you may want to look at your surrounds as a more permanent location. This would mean harnessing some additional skills that include gardening, repurposing, and cooking. Finding  the right location for a sturdy shelter should also feature on this list.

Steer Clear of Disease Carriers

Hunters and their dogs often find themselves on the wrong side of the hunting stick when they don’t take care in the hunt as they expose themselves to disease. Some of the diseases that are fairly common include rabies, salmonellosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more. Survivors who find themselves desperate for food or water often find themselves in this predicament. These diseases are spread through infected animals, insects, contaminated soil, and water.


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March 06, 2017


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How to Make Sure Your Rifle Scope Lasts

If you’re an avid hunting enthusiast, you know that choosing the right rifle scope is just as important as choosing the right ammunition or survival gear. Accuracy is essential when you’re out hunting and a high-quality scope can mean the difference between a kill shot and a shot that allows your target to escape.

Choose the Right Mounts

Using good quality optical mounts to keep your scope secured is just as important as having the scope itself. A high-quality optical mount will keep your scope securely in place, which is critical when you have your next target in sight. Without secure mounting, the scope will shift over time, causing your accuracy to drop. Make sure that your mounts are strong and durable and that they also fit the overall style of your rifle.

Maintain Your Scope

In order to ensure that your scope stays in good operating condition, there are some maintenance and care tasks that you’ll need to perform. Make sure that you cover up the lens whenever you’re not using it to prevent dust, moisture, or other contaminants from damaging the lens. You should also be cleaning your scope as needed so that dirt, mud, and forest debris don’t cause damage to your scope or other components of your rifle. Too much sun exposure can also potentially harm the lens structure, so be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight whenever possible.
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