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The Not-So-Obvious Advice For Surviving in the Wilderness

March 13, 2017

“Come hunt with us, it would be fun!” they said. This was four days ago, and the other members of the crew are probably snug in their beds while you’re scraping together bugs for dinner. You’ve got your camp set up and you have a fire going. You’re following all the advice you’ve ever received before a trip, but you’re finding it hard not to listen to the voices in your head. In fact, much of the survival process takes place in your mind. Don’t Underestimate Shallow Water There are two major concerns when survivors cross shallow water, the first is that they’ll underestimate the current and get swept away. The other is shallow water blackout, which often takes place when swimmers...

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How to Make Sure Your Rifle Scope Lasts

March 06, 2017

If you’re an avid hunting enthusiast, you know that choosing the right rifle scope is just as important as choosing the right ammunition or survival gear. Accuracy is essential when you’re out hunting and a high-quality scope can mean the difference between a kill shot and a shot that allows your target to escape. Choose the Right Mounts Using good quality optical mounts to keep your scope secured is just as important as having the scope itself. A high-quality optical mount will keep your scope securely in place, which is critical when you have your next target in sight. Without secure mounting, the scope will shift over time, causing your accuracy to drop. Make sure that your mounts are strong...

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Essentials for the Wilderness: If All You Could Take in Your Backpack Were These Five Things

February 27, 2017

Essentials for the Wilderness: If All You Could Take in Your Backpack Were These Five Things When it comes to hunting, spending a few days out in the wild is just as much about surviving as well as what you catch. Sure, there might be a ready-built shelter or hide in the hunting ground of choice, however, there are also those scenarios where the hunter would need to improvise. An injury or sudden change in weather can make the hunting game a little trickier. If the hunter only had a few minutes to grab some stuff - assuming that they already had the right clothing on and have their weapon of choice - would these items feature in their pack?...

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Tips for Using Your Rifle Scope

February 26, 2017

If you’re a hunting or shooting enthusiast, you know that a successful hunt relies heavily on the tools you bring with you. A high-quality rifle, the right ammunition, and plenty of backwoods camping gear are essential to any outdoor excursion. One of the most important pieces of equipment to bring with you is a high-quality shooting scope. No amount of rile power or tracking skills will help your hunt if you’re unable to see your target and a good rifle scope is necessary for accurate and effective shooting. Not only do you need a shooting scope, but you want to make sure you’re using it effectively when you’re out on the hunt. Otherwise, you could find yourself with inaccurate or...

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