Eagle Claw Wright & McGill Western Trout Fly Assortment, 8 Pieces #WMFAWTROUT

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Wright & McGill flies by Eagle Claw are packaged varieties of top end flies ideal for different game species.


  • Trout will feed on a wide variety of insects throughout the year depending on what is naturally available
  • Dry flies imitate the adult stage of the insect's life cycle and are what most fisherman recognize as the most common form of fly-fishing
  • Sub-surface nymphs are one of the most effective flies available and represent about 80% of a trout's diet
  • Nymphs are often fished as a single fly under a strike indicator, or with 2 or even 3 different nymphs at the same time in tandem


  • 1x #18 B.H. Cooper John Nymph
  • 1x #14 B.H. Hares Ear
  • 1x #16 B.H. Pheasant Tail
  • 1x #14 Adams Dry
  • 1x #12 Elk Hair Caddis Green Dry
  • 1x #08 Wooly Bugger Black
  • 1x #12 San Juan Worm Red
  • 1x #10 Montana Stone Nymph

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