Eagle Claw Wright & McGill Western Steelhead Fly Assortment, 6 Pieces #WMFASTEEL

Wright & McGill flies by Eagle Claw are packaged varieties of top end flies ideal for different game species.


  • Steelhead are one of the most exciting and powerful freshwater fish available to anglers.   Steelhead are large rainbow trout that spend part of their lives in either saltwater or in the Great Lakes before migrating up tributaries for spawning
  • Anglers will target Steelhead with large streamers, attractor patterns, or egg imitations.  Longer, powerful rods, and even spey rods are used to make long casts with sinking lines to swing streamers or attractor patterns through the holding areas where Steelhead rest as they make their way to the spawning grounds.   Anglers will also use egg patterns suspended under a strike indicator just off the bottom of the river much like anglers do when fishing standard nymph rigs.   Split shot are often used to get the egg pattern as close to the bottom as possible which is where most of the active feeding occurs
  • The take is often very hard and comes without warnings so leaders are often in the 1x to 2x range when using streamers.   When drifting small egg patterns it is usually better to use smaller tippets down to even 4x depending on water levels and clarity to entice strikes.   Because these fish can easily run to well over 30" long and 20lbs. on occasion, angler skill and a rod with a soft tip and strong backbone are needed to land fish of this size on small tippets


  • 1x #4 Boss
  • 1x #4 Coal Car
  • 1x #6 Polar Shrimp
  • 1x #4 Freight Train
  • 1x #8 Glow Bug Pink
  • 1x #4 Skykomish Sunrise

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