6 Essential Items for Backwoods Trips, Pt. 2

As one of the leading retailers for firearms and supplies in Canada, Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store wants our customers to be as well prepared and as safe as possible. Continuing with our list of essential items you should have with you while out in the open world, here are 3 more items that we recommend you always have on hand.

  1. Water

If there’s one item that you should always have with you or have access to, it’s water. If you’re exploring the woods overnight or waiting for that perfect buck to make an appearance, it’s imperative that you keep yourself hydrated. Dehydration can be dangerous out in the woods, especially when the weather is hot. Always carry some kind of water bottle with you so you can refill at any sign of fresh water if necessary.

  1. Binoculars

A quality set of binoculars, like those you can buy at our store, is a great item to have on hand. They can help you spot game for hunting and shooting as well as give you a better idea of your surroundings if you become lost or have wandered too far from camp.

  1. Flashlight

A flashlight is an extremely important tool when you’re traveling in the woods after the sun has gone down or right before dawn. Getting lost in the wilderness is never fun and a flashlight will help you find your way as well as illuminate any dangers you may come across in the dark.

For all of this equipment and more, be sure to shop at Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store today! We have a variety of firearms for sale in Canada as well as other hunting and shooting equipment that will assist you in your next backwoods excursion.
January 01, 2017


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6 Essential Items for Backwoods Trips, Pt. 1

When taking a trip through the great outdoors, whether it’s for hunting, shooting, or camping, safety should be your top priority. The farther you travel from civilization, the more danger you could potentially find yourself in. Preparation is essential to staying safe during a faraway shooting or hunting excursion so before setting off on your next backwoods hunting trip, make sure you’re equipped with the following essential items.

  1. Hunting Knife

When gathering your backwoods gear, a quality hunting knife should be one of the first things in your bag. If your gun becomes damaged or you run out of ammo, a good knife will ensure that you’re not left defenseless against potential dangers. A hunting knife can also prove useful in cutting kindling, cauterizing wounds, and getting sap from trees.

  1. First Aid Kit

Embarking on an outdoor excursion without a fully-stocked first aid kit is never a smart move. The number of prospective injuries a person can suffer while in the woods is astronomical, and the last thing you want is to be unprepared for them. Any wounds you sustain should be cleaned and dressed immediately which can be difficult without the proper first aid tools.

  1. Compass
The last thing you want is to become lost in the woods, particularly if the area you’re hunting or shooting in has no cell phone service. This is where a dependable compass comes in handy. In addition to helping you find your way back to base, a compass can help you locate any game you shot from far away.
December 23, 2016


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Holiday Hours, Christmas to New Years 2016

Holiday Hours 

December 24th to January 1st


Al Flaherty's Holiday Hours Christmas 2016

3 Valuable Safety Tips for Cold Weather Hunting

With winter finally upon us, the cold weather hunting season is just ratcheting up. Although a number of precautions should be taken when hunting in any type of weather, wintertime marksmen need to be particularly careful. In the interest of keeping your cold weather hunting excursions incident-free, put the following pointers to good use.

  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Gun before Heading Out

Before embarking on a wintertime hunt, you’ll need to give your gun a thorough cleaning. While keeping your gun clean is conducive to extending its life span and helping it retain its value, it can also save your life – particularly when the weather is cold. Because winter weather causes everything to contract, a dirt and grime-laden gun is very likely to malfunction and/or misfire. Hunters currently in the market for cleaning tools should have a look at our expansive selection of gun accessories for sale.

  1. Dress Accordingly

If you intend to spend the day in the woods, it behooves you to dress in layers. Since a typical hunting excursion lasts a minimum of several hours, it’s in your best interest to layer up. On the off-chance that you get lost of become separated from your group, you’ll be glad you dressed accordingly.

  1. Take Breaks

Even if you’re bundled up, spending an entire day outside in the dead of winter puts you at risk for hypothermia and frostbite. With this in mind, head to a heated indoor location whenever you start feeling too cold and/or tired.

When embarking on a hunt during the frosty winter months, it’s imperative that you exercise the utmost caution. Failure to do so can cause serious injury – or worse – to you and others. Fortunately, provided you take the previously discussed tips to heart, you should have no problem keeping your cold weather hunting excursions nice and safe.
November 24, 2016


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Regarding the KRISS Vector

It's with great disappointment and much frustration that we must announce we will no longer be stocking the Kriss Vector.

While the initial generation was nearly flawless, the new generation has proven to have mechanical issues that on their own would not be damning, but combined with difficulties in cross-border warranty coverage have left us in a situation where we must choose between a product and our reputation.

We have had several issues, from broken stocks to stove-piping on these rifles, undeniable mechanical issues that should have been dealt with quickly at a wholesale/manufacturer level, but sadly these have not been dealt with quickly and in some cases have dragged on for months without any sign of resolution.      We do not find it acceptable for a client to wait months for information on a rifle to be dealt with so quickly after purchasing and as such have chosen not to move forward with the brand for the foreseeable future.

For those looking for high quality pistol caliber carbines, we will continue to handle JR Carbines and the fantastic TNW Aero Survival Rifles through 2017 and hope that our clients understand that the frustration has been on both sides of the fence.

JR Carbine Takedown Pistol Caliber Carbine

You can find the JR Carbine on our site here

TNW Aero Survival Rifle Multicaliber Takedown Pistol Carbine
You can find the TNW Aero Survival Rifle here on our site

With all sincerity,

Al Flaherty's Outdoor Store


Winchester Sales and Promotions

From now until December 31st, some of our Winchester Ammunition is eligible for a promotional rebate!

  • Earn More Bucks: When you purchase Winchester Ballistic Silvertip® or Accubond® CT® Centerfire Rifle Ammunition, you can receive up to $10 back by submitting in our rebate form by January 15th. You can earn $5 for each box of qualifying ammunition purchased, up to 2 boxes and is valid on all orders placed between August 1 and December 31, 2016. All rebate forms must be received by January 15, 2017 in order to qualify for the rebate.

  • Shoot & Save: For a limited time, when you purchase Winchester Blind Side® Waterfowl Ammunition you can earn up to $100 back! The rebate check has a minimum of $50 and $100 max per household. Purchasing up to 2 cases of the specified ammo between August 1 and December 31, 2016 qualifies you for this rebate, but forms must be received by January 15th in order for them to count.

  • Slug Rebate: Earn up to $20 by loading up with Winchester® ammunition slugs this holiday season! By submitting your rebate form in by January 15, 2017, you can earn $20 back by purchasing a case of XP3 Sabot Slugs, Dual Bond Sabot Slugs, Partition Fold Sabot Slugs, or Super-X Rifled Slugs. Qualifying purchases must be made between August 1 and December 31, 2016.

  • Big Bucks Back: A purchase of up to 2 boxes of Winchester Deer Season XP® or Power Point® Centerfire Rifle Ammunition can bring you in an extra $5 back by submitting our rebate form. All orders must be placed between August 1 and December 31 to qualify and the form must be received by January 15, 2017 to receive the rebate.
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An Inside Look at our Black Friday Deals

Starting this Friday, November 25th, Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store will be offering a variety of deals for Black Friday shoppers. From the 25th to the 28th, many of our products for fishing, camping, hunting, and shooting will be heavily discounted.

We are also offering free shipping for orders over $250! Whether you’re in need of a Bushnell shotgun scope or new camping gear for the family now is the time to buy from Al Flaherty’s Outdoor Store. Our free shipping will be applied to all orders, except those including ammunition, and we sell a variety of essential gear for any outdoor enthusiast.

Our Black Friday deals extend to brands such as Beretta, Berkley, Browning, Kershaw, Bushnell, Gerber, and so many more so if you’re loyal to a certain brand, we may just have your favorite products on sale! Our sales and free shipping last all the way through Cyber Monday so you have time to get everyone’s holiday gifts before the time runs out. Our offers will not be extended, so be sure to take advantage of these deals while you can!

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